Commodity Specialists Company: The Agricultural Commodity Experts
Commodity Specialists Company: The Agricultural Commodity Experts
Commodity Specialists Company: The Agricultural Commodity Experts

Brewer’s Grain

CSC’s Brewer’s Grain Group specializes in the timely removal of grains used in the brewing process and the delivery of these processed grains to dairy farms and feedlots. This product has become the base commodity for thousands of herds across the country. CSC was a pioneer in the marketing of wet grains back in the 1970’s and today markets brewer’s grain in four regions of the country. We also market brewer’s condensed solubles (BCS) on the East Coast. Timely logistics is provided by our capable staff located at each brewery we serve. An affiliated company, CSC Transportation LLC provides trucking services for several breweries. We are proud of long-standing relationships with our suppliers and the 1600 customers we do business with each year.

Commodity Specialists Company

Domestic Trade

Domestic customers and suppliers are provided expert service by a group of merchandisers and logistics specialists who know their markets and can deliver the right product, at the right time and for the right price. These professionals have earned the respect of the market in the time honored way — through practical experience and daily execution. They know their commodities and their markets and deliver the value you expect to support your business. CSC’s Domestic Business was the first national processed commodity trading business in the U.S. This group, which continues to be one of the largest volume traders, offers a wide variety of commodities backed by value-added service. Our list of traded commodities includes: Soybean Products, Cottonseed Products, Corn By-Products, and other Oil Seed Products.

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CSC’s Seafood Group specializes in servicing a wide variety of frozen seafood products from many producers around the world. Whether you need frozen scallops, crab, crawfish, cod, flounder, frog legs, or most any fish or seafood item, CSC can expertly supply your needs. Any of these products can be packaged for most any food service or retail specifications. Thorough knowledge of documentation, transportation and financial instruments will support your needs in the global market place.

Commodity Specialists Company (CSC) is dedicated to making commerce easier. Whether you need a buyer, a reliable source, or help identifying and developing new markets, CSC has the track record, service and tools you need. As an international agri-products trading and marketing company, we help you buy or sell commodities globally – from the family farm in Nebraska to seaports half-a-world away.

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Feed Products
Food Products


In 2008 CSC entered into a partnership to form the CSC Arbitrage Group. The primary business of CSC Arbitrage Group is to be a market maker and liquidity provider to certain electronic options traded on North American and European exchanges. To learn more about CSC Arbitrage, click here.