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Mid Protein Feeds

Mid Protein Feeds

Corn Gluten Feed

Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Gluten Meal are by-products of the wet corn milling process. With a typical analysis of 18% protein (minimum), 1.5% fat (minimum), and 10% fiber (maximum), Corn Gluten Feed is an excellent feed for all animals that can be shipped in a pelleted or a loose form.

Corn Gluten Feed Contact:

Ross Brainard – Senior Merchandiser

Luke Brainard – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

Corn Hominy Feed

Corn Hominy Feed is a by-product of the dry corn milling process. With a typical analysis of 9% protein (minimum), 4% fat (minimum), and 6% fiber (maximum), hominy is an excellent feed for all animals. Hominy looks and handles similar to ground corn, is a great energy source and is very palatable. CSC is active in the hominy market from coast to coast and by way of truck or rail.

Corn Hominy Feed Contact:

Dan Wunderlich – Merchandiser

Bobby Vukson – Merchandiser

800-755-0391 (phone)
612-330-9894 (fax)


Whole Cottonseed (fuzzy seed) is a great source of protein, energy and fiber for ruminant animals and is highly regarded by dairymen for maximizing herd production. CSC has been involved in the cottonseed trade for over 30 years and our merchandisers can provide competitive quotes for most North American destinations.

Cottonseed Contacts:

Curt Gasper – Senior Merchandiser

800-767-6215 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

James Munger – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

Dried Distillers Grains

Dried Distillers Grains with solubles (DDGS) is the product obtained by condensing and drying the stillage that remains after fermenting the starch in corn or milo in the production of ethanol. DDGS is rich in cereal and residual yeast proteins, energy, minerals, and vitamins. DDGS is an excellent digestible protein and energy source for all ruminants and can comprise 20-30% of the ration dry matter. It is also being used in poultry and swine applications.

Dried Distillers Grains Contacts:

Upper Midwest and Canada:

Dan Fields – Senior Merchandiser

James Munger – Merchandiser

800-767-5667 US
800-328-4972 Canada

All Other Markets:

Ross Brainard – Senior Merchandiser

Joe Bourne – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 US

Wheat Middlings and Wheat Midd Pellets

Wheat Middlings (also Wheat Midds, Midds, Millfeed, Millrun and Shorts) are a by-product of the flour milling industry. About 7 million tons of midds are produced annually in the U.S. With guaranteed minimums of 14% protein and 3% fat and maximum of 9.5% fiber, midds are an excellent feed for all animals. There is strong tradition of midds trading at CSC, as it was the first product traded almost 65 years ago.

All Markets:

Ross Brainard – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)